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Monday, March 19, 2012

|pesan untuk ko kawan ku|

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

ermm... sad to say...easy to say..but difficult to explain what exactly had happened.

the only thing that i should say, I KNOW YOU STILL LOVE HER.. ahaaa... how do I know? Ur mind Is MINE!!!

nothing you can hide from me lah  derr...

i'm just pretending i don't know nothing about you..but you are WRONG! <TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!>

we both shocked about that "thing". perhaps you the one who the most get the sudden shocked... rilex.. cool.. that's your trademark right?

as a human being, we should now, what Karma is about.. what goes around, comes around.
but life must go on...
you just need to be strong.
said to her, if you do really love her.
do not let yourself lost the most "lovable" thing you ever get<for the second time>.

i know how you feel..... i just know it.. 
no reason for that just like what you said before..
to love someone, you need no reason.. then for me, to know something, you need no reason.

as me, myself...
maybe there's nothing left between us.. we just friend.. just like what you want...
maybe, we are best friend (^^_).

because i'm still the real me. what you said, i always remember.
I know, it's better for me to be a good friend to all my friends...

I'm confident with my Creator's promises. He will arranged for me, who is really need me..and who is i really need. 
cuz I don't want to be needed, just in need.. i want to be someone who is really meant to someone's life...

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