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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Childhood Memories by, teacher to be.......

Childhood memories
         Everyone has their own memories. As human being, memories play an important role in our daily life. It’s a natural phenomenon that sometimes could be sad or sweet. I would like to share about my childhood memories with my friends. Some of the memories that I would like to share are, the memories of doing everything together with friends, being afraid of my older family members and last but not least, how I overcome my sadness by remembering sweet memories.
         First and foremost, during my childhood, I like to do everything together with my friend either it is good or bad. I still remember what had happened when we went out to the nearest playground and we saw an old woman carrying a huge luggage. My friend, Hashim offered to help her carry her luggage. After we sent the old lady to her house, she thanked us. On the other hand, because of our naughty behaviour, Hashim’s leg had broken when he was 10 years old. He fell from a rambutan tree beside our house. My, mom already warned us not to climb the tree but we did not listen to her. After all what we had done together, the memory is still fresh in my mind as our friendship is still bonded together.
         Hashim and I were best friends and very afraid to face my mom. Not because she was fierce but because she was strict and we were too naughty during that time. Once, I had found a pair of scissors. After that, i called Hashim and we went to our backyard and I started cutting Hashim’s hair. We laughed loudly because of Hashim new hair style was very funny and my mom heard us. When my mom caught us, each of us got a ‘candy’ or also known as rattan cane from her. During those days, our neighbourhood treated each other’s children as theirs. So, Hashim’s parents did not mind what my mom had done to him. Thank to mum because her ‘candies’ were really meaningful in teaching us to become useful individuals.
      Now, we are no longer study together and lived in the same neighbourhood. Hashim and his family moved to Australia because his father got promoted. When he moved to America, I was sad because I lost my best friend. With recalling sweet memories, I can forget my sadness. So, during sadness, depression, a trip down memory lane sure will help me boost my enthusiasm. Then when I joined a boarding school programme, once again I was so sad because I was far apart from my hometown, friends and my family. Sometimes, I will open my album that I had brought a long and watch ideas that we took when there were on any occasion that bring us together such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration. With this, I could forget my sadness and my yearns towards my beloved family and my best friend.
     Different person have different thought about memories. But most of us tend to remember our childhood. Memories that created in childhood have more meaningful lessons for certain times. It is because it was a part of our beginning in knowing everything around us very well. Thus, memories bring a big impact to somebody’s life in order to keep us grow older with sweet memories as I am grown up with memories that I had with my friends, lessons I got that remain in my mind and vanishing my sadness with the power of memories.           


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