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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NEW Member of my Family


hye guys....guess who is in the picture above, well, i present you....Muhammad Fariez first nephew...Alhamdulillah...he was safely born with normal delivery by his mother, a.k.a my sister on this morning, 19th of october 2011 (21st of zulkaedah 1432 hijrah.

Thanks to ALLah..HE answers my prayer.. I hope Muhammad Fariez Iman will be a good boy, and most important, be honest and faithful towards Allah and his mother..

P/S: I'm a "makcik" now...oh yeeahhhh..but, I want my nephew to call me Umi...heheh....I'm glad because now I have my own nephew...yeyeyeye......till next post...!!

Umi always love u Muhammad Fariez Iman...hopefully you'll be as great as your name's meaning..

I'm SOOOOO DAMN excited...heheh....


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