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Friday, November 25, 2011

last Memories

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh... are you people?? I hope everybody are in a good Mood, condition and also living in a peaceful and harmony with family.

Today's, this thing come flash from my mind, so, I think I want to reFresh maybe just some of it. It's about my first experience in becoming a facilitator for secondary school in peninsular Malaysia. Thanks to Allah for giving me this precious opportunities to gain more knowledge and also giving me the chance to be friend with those students. Well, we had been invited by the 'cikgu' from SAMTSH... We were assigned to manage those students from form 1 and 2. No more written memories, let's check this out, displays' memories..hehehe...

The facilitators...
from left, Cacol and Fendi (kepala FeC) hahah

from left, Ilyas and Zikri(I take a few minutes before I remember his name) hahaha

cekgu Naim..

from left, Me, Hasanah, Ildah, Syafa and Mierah.

That's the Facilitators...

Here, the happy go lucky Students also known as ADIK-adik..Hihiihi..






wooowwww....Dangerous ..


ahaaa.....caught yaaa...

cross section.hahahah

run for your life...

how she knows there is somebody taking a picture?? oh noo.....cheating arrr??

my Gurls...the ISLAM'S warriors....

me again..hahah


model of the year...

delicious cake....

the BOYS....(^^_)

the gurlssss....(^^_)

this is from my gurlss....the ISLAM'S u sistersss...

ciput cedut and I..

Believes me... It was an awesome experience I ever had. I love you guys... all the things that we had share together will be always in my memory-card..Hihihihi... 

To all brothers and sisters in SAMTSH... you guys are awesome... I was very delightful to know you..May Allah always bless us...

P/S: I wish you the very BEST OF LUCK for next year PMR EXAMINATIONS.......that's All....papai.. (^_^)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

IPIS di senja Hari

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

I just want to share some pictures that taken in IPIS from C301's window..

sorry maybe the quality of the pictures are not very good. I took it by using my Z550i... heheh....

I feel the Peace (^^_)

calm and cool...(^^_)


P/s: still counting the days... (^^_)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 in One

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh....


I only want to say, CONGRATULATION to myself. I have better achievement this year. I manage to adapt into my surrounding even better. I have been finishing my Foundation also with full determination (and still waiting for my result).

I  also have been finishing 4 books of English novel in just a week. ok what??? before this, even a book of novel I still can't finish it in a month, or probably in one sem...hahahahahah....


Yeah, I manage to finish 4 books, now I have 7 more to be finished. yippie.... Reading marathon..... InsyaAllah, lot's of knowledge I can pick up throughout exploring these novels. Wish me Luck Bebehhhh...(^^_)

credit to camera's phone, 7 books, nyumm3


EHem2.... (^_^) blushing.....
I just want to share something..
It will be in a long run, till we can meet again...
but, so far, the advice just as simple as itself...
long time no see, it's okay, the holidays just for a while.
take a good care of yourself. 
(with shaking hand) nah.... take this, and See you soon.. Assalamualaikum.....


I like it, and you should like it too....teeheee......

nyumm3..thanks to you...because you bring the joy to my life...oh Cadbury....(^^_)..

Closing ceremony of third sem of Tesl Foundation

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Sorry for the late....late for what??? I don't know..haha..but, please take a look at these pictures.. IT was taken on 17th of October 2011...

I love my classmates.. they are my family..(^^_)
food (^^_)

food (^^_)

food (^^_)

food (^^_)


aFif (sem 3 class representative)

aFif again...

from left, Shahfiq, Sheyreen and Kery..

from left, Shireen and Sheyreen again..

Bainun and Faizatun

Fariz and Fiy (it's me)

hasanah and Erna..

P/s: UNFORTUNATELY, some of the other friends can't make it, Alan, Azam, Wel, Dayang, Kak Ain, Roseminah....

It's long as our ukhwah will last longer because of Allah S.W.T.... (^^_)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kursus time org suma cuti

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

ok then, this is too nice...when everybody is going home and also going to BTN, I'm the Only Junior who is still "trapping" in this beloved IPG..

Well, I'm taking part in a short courses that are KURSUS AWALAN KEJURULATIHAN FUTSAL and KURSUS AWALAN KEJURULATIHAN BOLA SEPAK that held by Kelab Futsal Ipg Kpi and a collaboration with FAM.. Today we have started our session with practical session, a basic component of Futsal.
The skills on how to kick the futsal's ball, passing and lots more..

Although it was very tiring, but all the Participants are enjoying this session so do I...

until next post!! (^^_)

weel, I love futsal...hahah...
P/s: I have scored 2 goals at the beginning game...ngeeee~~~ !!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bisikkan kesabaran di dalam hatimu


Kalau kita sukakan seseorang,
jangan beritahu si dia.

Nanti Allah kurangkan rasa cinta padanya
Tapi luahkan pada Allah,
beritahulah Allah.
Allah Maha mengetahui siapa jodoh kita ..

Cintai Dia Dalam Diam,
Dari Kejauhan Dengan Kesederhanaan & Keikhlasan

Jika benar cinta itu kerana ALLAH maka biarkanlah ia mengalir mengikut aliran ALLAH kerana hakikatnya ia berhulu dari ALLAH maka ia pun berhilir hanya kepada ALLAH

"Dan segala sesuatu Kami ciptakan berpasang-pasangan supaya kamu mengingat kebesaran ALLAH."

(Adz Dzariyat : 49)

Tetapi jika kelemahan masih nyata dipelupuk mata maka bersabarlah, berdoalah & berpuasalah "Dan janganlah kamu mendekati zina; sesungguhnya zina itu adalah satu perbuatan yang keji. Dan suatu jalan yang buruk."
(Al Israa' : 32 )

Ketika kau mendambakan sebuah cinta sejati yang tak kunjung datang,
Allah SWT mempunyai Cinta dan Kasih yang lebih besar dari segalanya & Dia telah menciptakan sseorang yang akan menjadi pasangan hidupmu kelak.
Ketika kau merasa bahawa kau mencintai seseorang,
namun kau tahu cintamu tak terbalas
Allah SWT tahu apa yang ada di depanmu & Dia sedang mempersiapkan segala yang terbaik untukmu

Cukup cintai dalam diam
bukan kerana membenci hadirnya
tetapi menjaga kesuciannya
bukan kerana menghindari dunia
tetapi meraih syurga-NYA
bukan kerana lemah untuk menghadapinya
tetapi menguatkan jiwa dari godaan syaitan yang begitu halus & menyelusup

Cukup cintai dari kejauhan
kerana hadirmu tiada kan mampu menjauhkan dari ujian
kerana hadirmu hanya akan menggoyahkan iman dan ketenangan
kerana mungkin membawa kelalaian hati-hati yang terjaga

Cukup cintai dengan kesederhanaan
Memupuknya hanya akan menambah penderitaan
menumbuhkan harapan hanya akan membumbui kebahagiaan para syaitan

Cintailah dengan keikhlasan
Kerana tentu kisah Fatimah dan Ali Bin Abi Talib diingini oleh hati
tetapi sanggupkah jika semua berakhir seperti sejarah cinta Salman Al Farisi..??
".. boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu.
ALLAH mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui."
(Al Baqarah : 216 )

Jangan memberi harapan pada yang belum pasti,
kelak ada insan yang bakal dilukai,
Jangan menaruh harapan pada yang belum tentu dimiliki,
nanti hati yang kecewa sendiri.
gantunglah segenap pengharapanmu kepada Yang Maha Memberi,
nescaya dirimu tak sesekali dizalimi,
kerana Dia mendengar pengharapanmu setiap kali & Dia menunaikannya dgn cara-Nya yang tersendiri

Cukup cintai dalam diam dari kejauhan dengan kesederhaan & keikhlasan
Kerana tiada yang tahu rencana Tuhan
mungkin saja rasa ini ujian yang akan melapuk atau membeku dengan perlahan

Kerana hati ini begitu mudah untuk dibolak-balikkan
serahkan rasa itu pada Yang Memberi dan Memilikinya
biarkan DIA yang mengatur semuanya hingga keindahan itu datang pada waktunya
"Barangsiapa yang menjaga kehormatan orang lain, pasti kehormatan dirinya akan terjaga."(Umar Bin Khattab ra)

If you really love her, you won’t touch her.
Not even the slightest bit.
You’ll protect her dignity and sacredness as a muslimah.
Just hold her in your heart for a few more years ..
then you can do it the halal way

“Sesiapa sahaja yang memberi kerana Allah, menolak kerana Allah, mencintai kerana Allah,membenci kerana Allah & menikah kerana Allah, maka bererti ia telah sempurna imannya.” 
(HR. Al-Hakim)


My Allergy

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

First of all, I would like to say that, it's totally a splendid day...uwwwaaaa.. 

First, how come I didn't realize my examination date. It supposed to be tomorrow. I thought it will be on the day after tomorrow. Alhamdulillah, I manage to "wake up" from my daydreaming when I read my friend's status on fb that sounds like this " bla..bla..bla...examination tomorrow and the day after tomorrow..bla..bla...".. oh NOOOOOOO...splendid!!!! hahahah...

Secondly, I'm updating this blog while others are busy in memorizing and revising notes for tomorrow's paper.... Congratulations Fiy....You did it!!! <sarcasm tone> double SPLENDID!!!

Thirdly, do you know why I'm turning upside down like this?? well, got some internal conflict..ngee~~~

lastly, now back to the topic.. My allergies actually... I allergy to those known as  "red" and "pinky" stuff.. I don't know why, although I allergy to those things, but, still, I have no other choice. pathetic right?? ngee~~ 

JPP'S Appreciation's night

We, the JPPIANS were attending an occasion named JPP'S Appreciation's night.... The theme was red and black .. guess what????? I HAVE TO....oh noo....look, my cheek was blushing.. those was the effect of my allergy. I thought I don't have any attire which is in red or black, however, I checked on my wardrobe and I found those.... not all were originally belongs to me..just a few...ngee~~~
# Hand bag = Checkered red-black, I bought it last year when I was in Semester one. 10 ringgit only..(^^_)
# scarf = also checkered red-black, I bought it two days before this occasion. 10 ringgit also yoooeee ...(^^_)
# Blause?? = I don't know what this thing is been called...hahah..but this is not originally mine. My aunt gave it to me.. 0 ringgit..(^^_)

ladies walk...uwaaaaaa..hahah

  # Tudung = also my aunt gave to me.. 0 ringgit...
# A pair of sneakers = I bought it last raya, before I going back to Selangor, because when I was on my way, my old one is putus...12 ringgit only....
# slack = black slack, also bought it last raya, 20 ringgit..
# A pair of socks = 1 ringgit <giant leerrrhh> hahah
# A pair of glasses = it's my glasses lah..hahahahah.... I didn't know the exact price....
# lastly = A delightful smile, -000000000 ringgit....hihihi...

but, so far, my attire for that night, I only spent 10 ringgit....hahaha... I'm a smart consumer mehhh.... It's okay to be in style, as long as, we cover our aurat, And didn't spent too much money.... 

That's all....paipai.. salam (^^_)

Saturday, November 12, 2011



Perhaps, today I would like to write this entry in Malay..


long time no pelat2 melayu yaa..... rindu jugak mahu tulis entri dalam bahasa Melayu..bahasa kebangsaan kan??? ya lah, saya kan amik kos OMPUTEH... jadi kenalah praktis lebih cakap bahasa itu....

topic kali neyh, dugaanNya...
yupp, hari semalam merupakan hari yang sangat penuh dengan dugaan buat diri ini. tersepit di antara dua. Dan pengakhirannya, saya temui jawapan disebalik dugaan itu...

Siapa sayang kita?? Siapa beri dugaan?? Tidak lain tidak bukan, Allah yang maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang. DUGAAN itu semuanya tanda Allah sayang kat kita.. Allah nak uji, sejauh mana kebergantungan kita terhadapNya tatkala kita diberikan dugaan.

Oleh itu sahabat-sahabat yang dikasihi, bersama-sama lah kita sentiasa mengingati Allah tatkala kita diduga dengan dugaanNya.... Allah yang beri, Allah jugalah yang punyai penyelesaianNya...

 Firman Allah dalam surah Al-Baqarah, ayat 214:

Adakah patut kamu menyangka bahawa kamu

 akan masuk syurga, padahal belum sampai 

kepada kamu (ujian dan cubaan) seperti yang 

telah berlaku kepada orang-orang yang 

terdahulu daripada kamu? Mereka telah ditimpa 

kepapaan (kemusnahan hartabenda) dan 

serangan penyakit, serta digoncangkan (oleh

 ancaman bahaya musuh), sehingga berkatalah 

Rasul dan orang-orang yang beriman yang ada 

bersamanya: Bilakah (datangnya) pertolongan 

Allah?" Ketahuilah sesungguhnya pertolongan 

Allah itu dekat (asalkan kamu bersabar dan 

berpegang teguh kepada agama Allah).

P/s: kerdilnya diri kita bukan? dugaan yang

 Allah beri kepada kita, tidak seberat rasul-rasul 

terdahulu yang berusaha menyebarkan agama 

Allah.. oleh hal yang demikian, bila dugaan 

datang menerpa,

1) Sentiasa ingat pada Allah.

2) bersabarlah.

3) berpegang teguh kepada kepercayaan kita 

yakni Agama kita, agama Allah...

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, la ilahailallah, 



Thursday, November 10, 2011

mohon Pencerahan ya...

MOHON Pencerahannnnn...

Second entries for today.... 

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

first of all, I would like to say sorry.... for what??? we will discover it later ... keep going on follow this entry...

Two days before <not exactly (^^_)>, I have CHANGED my profile picture in Facebook....

WHY should I say sorry for that?? 

because many taught that the person in the profile picture is my bOyfriend... 


Bak kata TuN Perak, "mohon pencerahan"... >>(I also don't know what is the truly meanings..hahah)

by the way, let me introduce you, 

yang budak kecil neyh, wawa
yang budak lelaki neyh Apiz

His name is, Muhammad Faiz Haffiz Bin E. Hairoland Fredo.
now he is 16 years-old..
we call him Apiz, sometimes Faiz(usually when my Mom n I get angry) and when I get angry, I'll call him with his full name to show that I was very angry on that time...HIhihihi....

He is my only Brother in my siblings...the third child from 6 siblings..
he's sometimes cool..sometimes not..hahaha...
but he is very special... you know why??? because he protects his sisters and take a good care of them...haaa...special maaaaa..

he also likes to stay in room whenever my other families come to our house to visit us...that one, i specialize it as EXTRAORDINARY behavior ..wawawawawa

I like to tease him..because he is a shy person...(perhaps) hahahaha.....

that's all dude....HE IS MY BROTHER!!!!

P/s: It was not easy to have even A picture of him......all those pictures are candid by me (^^_)